Christmas Plans

We started thinking about Christmas in August so we’ve had a bit of time to put together, that we’re hoping, is something pretty special an indoor cinema in the snow.  Every year from the 1st of December the conversations start about a white Christmas in London, but it never arrives so we decided we’d bring our own one to Brick Lane.  We’ve managed to find ourselves a winter home in the Old Truman Brewery which we’re going to transform into a week long pop up cinema and pack full of snow so you can have that white Christmas you always hope for.


We also wanted to make Christmas a little more magical too.  So to get into our cinema in the snow you’re going to have to enter through our magical wardrobe.  When I was little I was convinced my Nan’s huge wardrobe had something special inside it, but sadly I never found the secret passage until now.  Now we’ve built our own.  Once you enter the wardrobe you’ll be transported to the cinema in the snow.


Finally we’re getting our treats together good and early.  The movies start at either 1pm, 5pm or 7.45pm but we’re opening an hour early so you can come and have a bit of fun in the snow and sample some of the goodies we’ve got.  We’ve pulled together an amazing selection of treats from hot chocolate as thick as custard and home made mulled wine to special cupcakes and popcorn from London Kettle Popcorn.

All you need to do is pick your favourite movie and come along:

7.45pm Tuesday 18th December Nightmare Before Christmas
5pm Wednesday 19th December Bad Santa
7.45pm Wednesday 19th December Home Alone
1pm Thursday 20th December Home Alone
5pm Thursday 20th December The Grinch
7.45pm Thursday 20th December The Muppets Christmas Carol
1pm Friday 21st December Elf
5pm Friday 21st December Edward Scissorhands
7.45pm Friday 21st December Bad Santa
1pm Saturday 22nd December The Muppets Christmas Carol
5pm Saturday 22nd December Scrooged
7.45pm Saturday 22nd December Gremlins
1pm Sunday 23rd December Nightmare Before Christmas
5pm Sunday 23rd December Miracle on 34th Street
7.45pm Sunday 23rd December Elf