If you’ve got a burning question, this is where you’ll probably find the answer.  If you don’t just e-mail us hello@popupscreens.co.uk.

The science commentary screening specific FAQs

(1) We will be INDOORS
(2) There will be seating, but it's unassigned
(3) The only food available will be popcorn and bags of sweets
(4) If a screening is marked as sold out there will NOT be any additional tickets available on the door.
(5) There will be an introduction to the movie from the scientists and comedians and then they film will be paused at certain sciencey points.
(6) This is basically the small print and it's confusing and not that important, but anyway... Your ticket price covers the movie, the scientist and the comedians so you're getting 4 for the price of 1. Your ticket prices are therefore divided in four, so 25% goes to each area. Done.

My tickets haven't arrived

Chances are you're using a hotmail account and hotmail hates us! We've managed to get ourselves classed as spam by hotmail, so although we can reply to an email from hotmail we can't send of our own accord.

If you have used a hotmail account can you email us and we'll get your eTickets through to you.

How do I get my tickets?

Once you've clicked on the buy links you'll go through to the good people at WeGotTickets who'll process your payment and send you an eTicket. Keep the eTicket safe as you’ll need to bring it with you either on your phone or as hard copy to gain entry.

Do you do group bookings?

The more the merrier! If there's a group of you coming (10+) get in touch and we'll do you a discount on the ticket price.

Can you help me with a special occasion?

First off, congratulations! Now that's out of the way, if you are celebrating a special occasion at Pop Up Screens do tell us and we'll try and help you make it extra special.

Can I bring the kids?

Children are more than welcome, but please remember all the films carry certificates so we can't let a 5 year old in to watch Fight Club no matter how little they’ll speak about Fight Club.


Sorry, but we can't issue refunds on tickets. What we can do though is swap your tickets for another screening so you don't miss out.

Are there toilets?

We have all the mod cons! There are toilets at all the screenings including facilities for disabled guests.

Is there an intermission?

We don't interrupt the movies with an intermission. There is food, drink and pop corn on sale throughout the movie though and all the stalls face the screen so you won’t miss anything.

What if it rains?

Rain Smain! If it does rain we'll be ignoring it and continuing with the movie. If the weather is biblically awful (torrential rain or high winds) and we have to cancel the event, we'll give you replacement tickets for another one of our screenings. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and on our Twitter, we update fairly obsessively on the topic of weather.

If we can we will make an early call if the threat of rain seems too bad. All screenings really are subject to weather conditions.

Can I still get tickets to sold out movies?

Yes and no!
OUTDOOR SCREENINGS: Once the tickets are sold out online, they're all gone... but we do keep a limited number for the door so if you're desperate to come/haven't been organised enough/didn't know about the screenings if you arrive early you can still get in.

INDOOR SCREENINGS: Once tickets are sold out, they are completely sold out. None are kept back for the door.

Are there tickets on the door?

There are tickets available on the door for the stragglers.

What should I wear?

It's worth bringing something warm to wear as even the hottest of days do cool in the evening.

What should I bring?

We appreciate any kind of gifts, but other than that there are only three Pop Up Screens essentials you need: (1) Something to sit on. (2) Something warm just in case. (3) Some good will as occasionally technology plays silly buggers with us, but we always get back on track. Other things that could be handy are torches, lanterns, socks or a waterproof.

Will there be parking?

We are in public parks, so there isn't any dedicated parking (except at Morden Hall Park which has got a car park). When we choose our locations we always look for parks within walking distance of tube or train station so we recommend using that.

Is there any seating?

We don't supply any seating, so you do need to bring something to sit on. As far as what you can bring to sit on we'd recommend blankets or camping chairs, but if you can carry it, then you can bring it!

What about a tent?

It may seem like a brilliant idea but unfortunately it's a no for tents too. We normally have a limited amount of space and once a tent is up it leaves all the space behind it dead for miles.

Can I bring my super cute dog?

Sorry but dogs (unless they're a guide dog or hearing dog) aren't allowed at the screenings. Please don't send us pictures of cute dogs asking if they can come, we're weak and could buckle!

What's the accessibility like?

All the parks are wheelchair accessible. If you have any additional needs then please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

When we're indoors as we use quite unique locations there are sometimes issues with wheelchair access. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What time do you start?

We can only start projecting once the sun goes down, so we're entirely dependent on the mood of the big ball of fire in the sky as to when we can start. Our screening start times range from 8pm to 9.30pm. We do open earlier so you can come and enjoy the park, catch up with your mates and enjoy a drink or two before the movie starts.

Is there any food or drink?

We've got a decent bar selling draught beer, wine and cider and a few special surprises that take our fancy. On the food front we always bring a fantastic caterer with us, but they change week to week so check on the movie page to see who will be with us for the movie you're coming to. A movie isn't a movie unless you've got popcorn and we may have the best popcorn we've ever tasted, it's genuinely lovely, coming from the London Kettle Popcorn.

Can I bring a BBQ?

Sorry, but no BBQs.

I'm a vegetarian, is there food for me?

Yes! There is always a lovely veggie option.

Can I hire a screen?

To be honest we're fairly expensive as hiring isn't really our business. You're better off giving 'outdoor screen hire' a whirl on Google.

Do you do carer tickets?

If you're the registered carer for someone attending one of our screenings please contact us with the ticket number for the full price ticket and we'll issue you a free ticket.